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  • 1970 Bens brothers Medard and Eddy are starting a meat business aside from their animal feed company.

  • 1972 Bens Vlees NV is official. The beginning of 20 years of local growth!

  • 1989 Partnership with the family owned agri group Vanden Avenne from Ooigem. From now on the company is plainly called Bens NV. Operational Management remains with Marcel Laeremans

  • 1991 Inauguration of the new cutting facility at the slaughter house of Heist-op-den-Berg.

  • 1993 The Bens-team is reinforced by the takeover of the Swaegers-Syen pork company.

  • Bens Vlees
  • 1998 With expanding sales, the company is ready for the next step. Starting to look for a location for a brandnew cutting facility.

  • 1999 The new, fully automated cutting plant in Oevel-Westerlo is commissioned.

  • 2009 Through a bold but calculated growth strategy over 10 years, Bens strengthens it’s position on the European meat market. Startup of subsidiary company Bens Retail.

  • 2010 Integration of slaughterhouse de Lokery in Lokeren. Quality and foodsafety garanteed by the perfectly tuned production chain.